FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why a RollerMate?

RollerMate is easy to walk with, it gives increased support compared to a traditional crutch and it reduces the risks of pain and injury with long term use.

And, you can take things with you!


Can the RollerMate be folded?

Yes! With a simple push of a button.


How do I know if RollerMate is suitable to me?

If you use a crutch or a walking stick, RollerMate will most likely work better for you!

You can also consult your doctor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist for futher advise.


A crutch on wheels, is it not unstable?

People who has tried the RollerMate are often surprised about its stability. It is not as stable as a four-wheeled rollator but normally feels much more stable than a crutch or a walking stick.


Can I bring my RollerMate when I'm travelling by airplane

Yes, it does not even count as luggage.


Does RollerMate work in the outdoors?

RolleMate works on grass, gravel and even snow. 


Can I use a RollerMate when walking in stairs?

We do not recommend using the RollerMate as a support in stairs.

But as it is only weights 2,5kg, you can take it with you in one hand.


How do I adjust my RollerMate?

You can easily adjust the height of the handle by shifting the sprint between the seven positions (holes) along the shaft.

If you feel pain in a shoulder or arm, try to adjust the height or ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice.


Does RollerMate have a brake?

The current model is without a brake and most people find, after trying it, that no brake is needed.


For how long is the guarantee valid?

The guarantee is for two years after purchase. 


I have broken my leg, can I use a RollerMate?

The RollerMate is not suited for this. You need to be able to walk with two feet.


Is RollerMate in compliance with the standards of the European Community?

Yes, the RollerMate is in compiance with all required standards and has passed the required tests to be awarded the CE marking. (Please also be aware that there are som bad copies out on the market!)


Is the bag included?