Sten Wickman - 67 år Fagerviken - Sweden

I had an operation on my foot the summer of 2010 and had to use crutches after this. After a while I could put some load on my foot and was able to start walking with only one crutch. I then got the opportunity to try a RollerMate and soon found my new friend to be a lot more convenient than the traditional crutch.

During the three weeks after the operation I needed the extra support I only used my RollerMate. It was far more gentle than the crutch. RollerMate reduce the load on the body in a completely different way compared to the traditional crutch and using it is not streneous for the arms. Walking becomes smoother as you don't have to move a RollerMate as you have to with a crutch and I felt that I got a increased balance.

Another big advantage is that you can lean a RollerMate agains almost everything. I don't know how many times I had to pick up the crutches from the floor before I got my RollerMate. A RollerMate you can lean against the nearest chair, wall or similar, it stays there and doesn't fall. I used my RollerMate both indoors and outdoors when I went for walks. It was also possible to hang a larger bag on it when I did my grocery shopping so I didn't have to carry it. A very handy rolling friend, recommended.



Anna Norrby RollerMate användare

Anna Norrby - 91 år Viksjöfors - Sweden

We received a letter from Eva, the daughter of Anna Norrby in Visjofors in Sweden. Eva bought a RollerMate as a gift for her mother Anna and after Anna had tried her new RollerMate Eva sent us this letter: 

" Hi! I wanted to let you know that my mother (91 years old) is more than satisfied with her RollerMate!!! It proved to be a real hit! She used to use a stick or a rollator (walker on wheels) before and finds that for her RollerMate is superior for use indoors. She has also tried it outdoors but felt that she needed more a more stable support. But she also said that she believed that a person with less problems with the knees and the back would have great use of a RollerMate both indoors and outdoors. 

So - we are very happy, both she and I! Yesterday we received the delivery of the lights. So nice! I might want to order additional lights - how much would they be?

Kind regards, Eva"



Lars Lundberg, Hallstahammar (Västmanland County) - Sweden

I'm very comfortable with my RollerMate. I'm now over 80 years of age, and my legs doesn't work as well as previously, so it's not too much walking any longer. But I still use my RollerMate every day. People think it looks nice! When walking in stairs I take it in one hand and have the other hand on the rail. I don't miss a brake, I haven't even thought about it. I'm very happy with my RollerMate.