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filUser Manual G2 Basic

RollerMate G2 Basic

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Our standard model

vill bara berätta att jag är mycket nöjd med min Rollermate. jag använder den både ute och inne och slipper ont i axeln och att den känns stadigare och bekvämare än min gamla krycka.

Jag rekommenderar den VARMT till alla som idag går omkring med krycka eller käpp.

- Gunvor Larsson (2012-03-07 18:39:27)
- HP (2012-03-11 15:32:58)

i have the rollermate and is realy great, the only thing maybe for the future models is a softgrip ergonomic handle and the manchet also because now its hard plastic and now it's summer and then you sweat so if you do somethig inside (we can do it by our own) then its realy great.
i can recommend it everybody !!
- anja van loggem (2016-08-10 16:53:04)
Dear Rollermate-Team,
i dont find a similar product annywhere.
I live in germany and i want your rollermate for my mother.
Can you tell me a shop in Germany where to buy your Roller Mate o can you say me how to buy it at your shop.
Thanks a lot
- Cordula Lätsch (2016-09-29 20:32:25)
@Anja van Loggem, you can use grip tape they use for tennis rackets.

I just received my rollerMate for a try-out. It looks promising, thank you! If I were you, I would intensify the marketing and European distribution. People are asking me where they can purchase one for themselves! Beside that, if you need a walking-aid you want to try it first, rather essential.
Good luck to you.
- Wilma (2017-01-11 12:13:17)